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HX60S Automatic High Speed Case Maker Machine
Leather shell process

Working method 1: When the 3 parts are jelly glue (JELLY GLUE), it can make hardcover book case, cigarette case, wine box, desk calendar, etc.
Jelly Gel Description: JELLY GLUE, a jelly-like solid glue obtained by deep processing of animal glue, heated to 55-65 degrees when used to make high-grade paper products, such as hardcover books, folders, high-end food boxes, gifts Jewelry Box.
Applicable Products:

Operating procedures:
Number of people required: 2 people
Feed hopper, add glue to 1 person
Plus cover, 1 leather case
1. The cardboard is fed into the machine from the hopper, and the pusher is precisely positioned to ensure that the cardboard is perfectly aligned with the cover material.
2, HX60S can transfer the soft medium diameter of the roll or send the hard medium diameter through the hopper
3. The cover material is placed in a hopper that can be used for non-stop paper feeding. The fangs are taken out from the bottom of the paper pile and transferred to the dent roller and precisely glued through the rubber roller.
4. The cardboard and cover materials are precisely bonded together in continuous rolling and then passed through the pressure roller, effectively avoiding the generation of bubbles.
5. A high-efficiency, accurate low-inertia reciprocating oscillating linear conveyor with nozzles feeds the bonded cardboard and cover material to subsequent hem and compaction stations
6. At the hemming station, the flanges covered with the brush and the precise positioning of the pleats ensure the tight hemming quality and the exquisite wrap angle effect.
7. The shell is then transferred through the compaction station and counted up. Finally, the shells stacked according to the set number are sent to the operator by the conveyor belt.
Machine characteristics:
1. High speed and low failure rate ensure high productivity
2, wide product applicability and large size range
3, fast. Simple specification conversion
4, the cover of the paper is not stopped
5, special sizing. Adhesive and pressure roller design to ensure the bonding accuracy of the cover and cardboard. Effectively prevent the shell process from producing empty shells and bubbles
6. Through the extrusion and squeezing of the dent roller and the rubber roller, the quality of the sizing is ensured, and the amount of glue is saved, and the cleaning of the machine is also facilitated.
7. Special pleats and edging to ensure tight and delicate edging quality
8. The special oscillating linear conveying design ensures that the cover is not scratched during the conveying process.
9. The transportation of cardboard and cover, as well as the stacked output of the finished shell are all on the operation surface; the man-machine interface and the safety cover with plexiglass are embedded to facilitate the monitoring of the entire work process, saving man-hours.
10, positioning control is accurate, and can be fine-tuned during machine operation
11. The cardboard conveying feeder can be removed, which is convenient for quick change of plate or cleaning.
Optional equipment:
1. Cold adhesive lining device
2, matching cover device
3, glue viscosity controller
4, small groove rail device (1mm)
5, 7 board devices (desk calendar. Packaging shell)
6, single-sided sandwich panel device
7, ultra-small size device (95 * 150mm)
8, folder device
9, cover elimination static device
10, rounded device
11. Special type edge board device
Highlights of the machine:
Technical Parameters:

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