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BP2000 Combined Unit of Gluing machine
working principle
Save labor: BP2000 double-lined plastic bag back machine is a multi-functional binding equipment, which realizes three-in-one, one set of adhesive ring lining, glue, and spine paper, which saves labor to the greatest extent.
Save labor
Under the premise of the same production capacity, a BP2000 double-lined plastic bag backing machine only needs 3 people, which can save 5 people in total, which removes the material transit time. If all these are counted, according to statistics, it can save 7-8 people! If you change to manual brushing, you can save up to 10 people! ! !
Power saving
1, large size (double or triple)
2, front and back lining molding
3, servo into the book, accurate, stable, reduce loss
4, Germany air duct blowing heating system, heating evenly, less energy consumption
5, automatic glue system, save time, increase productivity
6, the entire process of electronic testing, to avoid the production of defective products
7, computer program control, can be fine-tuned without stopping
8, the German knife split
Technical Parameters
Equipment Name: BP2000 double lining plastic bag back machine
Equipment speed: 45 copies / minute
Book size: MAX540*400*65 MIN100*80*2
Equipment length: 17 meters
Equipment power: 23KW (full load)
Number of operators: 3 people
Standard configuration: cold glue system +1 set of book drying channel
Optional equipment: hot melt adhesive system, back pressure device, book drying channel
Equipment function: sticky front and back lining + spine glue + bag back
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