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How the folding machine works

The folding machine is a printing equipment produced by the modern printing industry. The modern printing factory usually includes three processing steps: pre-press, printing and post-press. The main carrier medium is paper, and the folding machine is the main post-press equipment for books and newspapers. one. What is the working principle of the folding machine?
The folding machine is roughly composed of the Feida system, the runway system, the folding forming system and the receiving system.
Feida system
1Feida system is mainly composed of fan and paper flying head. The fan has two outlet gases, one suction and one air blow. The wind is adjustable by air valve. There are two air filters on the side of the fan. It needs to be opened once a week for cleaning.
2 Feida head mainly sucks the paper by suction and sucks only one sheet at a time, and then uses the paper suction roller to feed the paper into the runway.
2. Runway system
The runway system uses a rotating shaft to drive the belt to transport the paper, and a row of paper balls is placed above each conveyor belt. The function of the paper ball is to press the paper to make the paper smoother on the runway.
3. Folding molding system
The 1 folding forming system is mainly a combination of a folding disc and a rubber roller to enable us to achieve a certain folding effect.
2 The electronic knife folding page mainly uses the paper to sense the electric eye to make the electronic knife perform the lower knife movement to achieve the folding purpose.
4. Book collection system
The receiving system is mainly a receiving table that receives the folded paper by conveying the leather belt so that the paper can be neatly and regularly overlapped.
When operating the folding machine, we must first understand the operating principle of the equipment. We must have a good safety judgment on the equipment. Do not check the touch on the circuit. Do not do any dangerous operation when the equipment is in operation. Unnecessary loss to our personal and property.
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