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Common problems in automatic leather case book case making and how to solve it

No matter how good the product is, there will always be some difficulties in the process of actual use. In the process of making the automatic leather shell machine, it often encounters some difficult problems, and now teaches you a method and analysis to solve the problem.
(1) It should not be loosened or loose after cutting, and the cover will be shaken when the cover is installed.
(2) Each cover is static-charged. It is important that the cover be cleaned of static electricity during surface treatment.
(3) A part of the adhesive will remain on the surface of the cover, and it will be evenly distributed if the powder is sprayed or gently sprinkled on other similar materials.
The reason for bounce or partial bounce
In the work of the book case, there are often some burrs or partial bounces, which are caused by the following reasons.
1. When the quality of the adhesive is poor or the solvent is too large, the adhesive concentration is too low, resulting in low viscosity and packaging. Try to use better animal protein glue and flexibly control the concentration of the adhesive.
2, installed in the room with air conditioning, temperature control at 18 ~ 24 ° C, like operating in this environment can play the machine's high efficiency, but also save the amount of glue. It is recommended that you work in this environment or that the edge of the job is too small. The normal edging position should be around 15mm for other packaging, and the narrow edging position is also easy to bounce.
In the case of tight edges and empty edges, there are several reasons.
(1) Gray board is cut by the paper cutter, because the gray paperboard cut by the paper cutter will leave a knife edge (that is, the cross-section of the gray cardboard is not uniform), so it is easy to produce in the process of making the leather shell. Empty edges or edging are not tight. Usually we recommend using a cardboard slitter to cut grey cardboard books and prints to avoid such situations. The gap of the original is too large, more than 2mm above the normal working range (normal working range is generally about 1mm).
(2) The flatness of the bottom mold table is different and should be leveled. There are two reasons for the blistering of the husk.
(1) Generally, when a large book case is made, blistering of the hull is likely to occur, which may be caused by the air being not discharged when the cover is bonded.
At this time we can add a crossarm in the middle of the nozzle plate or add a layer of sponge on the bottom mold.
(2) The cover is not exposed to the adhesive or the pressure is too small when the two-way flattening is too small. In general, it is necessary to adjust the situation.
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