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The characteristics of the leather case machine

The shell machine generally adopts the Feida automatic paper feeding structure, and the overall movement is fully pneumatically controlled, and the structure is simple and reasonable. The width adjustment of the stacker and the paper feed table is adjusted concentrically by the center, and the operation is simple and error-free. The cardboard feed table is linear and accurate. The cardboard feed table is equipped with an automatic cardboard stop to reduce the rejection of quality products.
A complete leather case machine generally has a vacuum system, an automatic lubrication and refueling system, a quick mold change system, an intelligent control adhesive pre-assembly, an automatic Feida paper feeding device, and a cardboard automatic positioning device. The shell machine is generally used for the mass production of moon cakes, tea, mobile phones, underwear, handicrafts, cosmetics and other outer packaging boxes and folders, desk calendars, hardcover book covers, and is an effective automated production solution.
When the market competition enters a higher level of product packaging, diversification of nature becomes a high topic. In the soft drink and alcoholic beverages, food, edible oil, dairy products, canned food, detergent, cosmetics, chemical and other industries, has become the second largest packaging equipment supplier.
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