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The correct operation process of the folding machine

The folding machine is mainly used for folding paper of various sizes and thicknesses within the design range, and is suitable for high-volume folding of fast printing centers, production companies, official correspondence documents, and business letters. If the folding machine wants to get a good work efficiency conclusion, then we should first pay attention to the correct operation process of the folding machine. Here, the following Haoxin gave a detailed introduction for everyone.
1. Do all the preparatory work before starting the folding machine, such as rough check whether the main parts and screws are loose, whether the rules move, whether there are oil stains in the post channel, and add lubricating oil.
2. When starting up, first turn on the motor, and the folding machine will make the machine idle (or start the clutch, and turn on the front and rear of the paper feeder and the folding machine). After the air pump is turned on, the paper will enter the folding machine. Partial folds.
3, when starting the machine, you must first send a signal, check the operation of the car, and then send a signal to hang the long car after the error, and gradually turn to normal speed.
4. When the machine is in normal operation, it should be checked at any time. In case of failure, it should be analyzed in time, and the parking should be eliminated. It is forbidden to start or eliminate all parts after the machine is removed.
5. During the operation of the machine, the operator must stick to the job, concentrate on the operation, pay attention to the operation of the machine at all times, and ensure that the folding machine smoothly folds.
6. When the folding machine is in normal operation, the single shift is once every two weeks; the second or third shift is once every week. The folding machine should be cleaned and the air path should be smooth to ensure that the production can be started normally after the cleaning.
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