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The use of the case maker machine can bring a beautiful outer packaging to the product.

In the manufacture of case maker, T-shaped leather shells have always been a difficult point of manufacture. With the continuous development and advancement of mechanical equipment, people often use a lot of machinery and equipment in their lives. These machines can not only effectively save people's Working time, and also has a variety of different uses, bringing a lot of convenience to people, in which the use of the leather shell machine can not only bring more exquisite packaging for people's products.
Decent packaging can not only enhance the visual impact of the product to attract consumers, but also can express the brand's grades. Therefore, the gift box cover machine manufactures carton packaging as the "outerwear" of the product, not only must have the function of holding and protecting the product, but also must have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.
The processing process of the hardcover book heart is the same as the binding method of the paperback book in terms of folding, matching and bookbinding. In addition, special processing of hardcover book cores must be carried out. The main processes are: leveling, rounding, ridges, gauze, decals, etc. On a dedicated leveling machine. After the book core is compacted, its thickness is thinner than the original, and it is flat and solid, which is convenient for the next process.
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