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Professional disassembly method of folding machine

Professional disassembly method of folding machine
When the folding machine is in trouble, first of all, we need to understand the maintenance caregiver, and the correct disassembly method of the folding machine, then in this place, Dongguan Haoxin will give you relevant introductions and points, so as to effectively ensure the folding machine. Good use. There are two or more sheets in the paper.
1. Reason: The paper stopper brush is too low or protrudes into the paper pile too much, so that the paper cannot be fully blown.
Remedy: Adjust the brush to the correct position and loosen the paper according to the operation and positioning requirements.
2. Reason: The wind of the paper suction nozzle is insufficient, and the height of the loose paper mouth is not appropriate.
Remedy: The suction wind (quantity) can be appropriately increased according to the nature and requirements of the paper; the loose paper mouthpiece can be loosened by blowing about 6 sheets of paper on the surface of the paper pile according to the positioning requirements.
3. Reason: The paper is thin and the suction volume is too large, and the paper below the first sheet is taken up.
Remedy: Appropriately reduce the amount of suction or change the rubber nozzle into a small suction nozzle that is suitable for thin paper.
4. Reason: The paper is not loose or there is adhesion on the paper side.
Remedy: Adjust the air volume of the mouthpiece to the standard level for the paper to be loosened according to the paper quality; the height of the paper pile and the normal work requirements are appropriate, and the interval between them is not too long; check whether there are sticky objects on the four sides of the paper pile and exclude them from loosening. normal work.
Like a series of faults that occur during the operation of the folding machine, such a phenomenon is already very common, because the mathematical principle of the folding machine to work in one day is a very excessive state, so we do not Ensure that the folding machine is in good condition after the best use period, so we recommend that you ensure the correctness of the method when using the folding machine.
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