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Locking machine maintenance work

1, cleaning work
Cleaning work is an important aspect of equipment maintenance. Keep the appearance of the machine clean and clean, not only can improve the service life of the equipment, but also can detect accidents and equipment wear and damage, and can be repaired in time;
2, lubrication
(1) Change oil regularly. After using the new machine for 2 to 3 weeks, the oil should be completely changed once, and the oil should be changed every 3 months to half a year later. Clean the fuel tank, oil pump, filter, and check the oil circuit and parts every time you change the oil.
(2) When adding butter (grease), it is advisable to see the new oil and squeeze out the old dirty oil to the friction surface, so as to avoid fine friction debris and dirt in the old oil.
(3) Before refueling, carefully check the grade and quality of the oil. Do not mix and match the oils of different grades. Never mix gasoline or kerosene into oil.
3, check
(1) Inspection per shift. The shift record should be checked in detail when each shift is taken to understand the operation of the previous shift.
(2) Weekly inspection. The general printing factory has to leave half a day to check the equipment carefully every week. Weekly inspection can include the following: check the feeder chain, sprocket, universal joint, key pin work; check the paper belt, belt clip, tensioner, gripper work; check the uncoverer operation Is it normal?
(3) Half-year inspection. The big inspection should arrange enough time for the machine, including the machine performance test. Generally, the whole fuel tank should be replaced with lubricating oil, the worn parts should be replaced, the electrical sensitivity should be checked, and the aging components should be replaced.
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