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Overview of the sewing machine operating procedures

Dongguan Haoxin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. hints that the operating procedures of the lock line machine include automatic and semi-automatic, single-handle parts.
(1) Do all the preparatory work before starting the machine, such as oiling, rough checking equipment, checking whether the route is dirty or not;
(2) Correctly adjust the distance and order according to the signature format, and select the type and model of the stitching line to meet the requirements of national standards;
(3) The sewing machine should strictly observe the mistakes in the process principle when storing the posts, and the procedures (on the continuation of the platen) should be lifted after the hand is lifted to prevent personal accidents;
(4) The book after the lock line should not be piled up too much to avoid a collision phenomenon;
(5) The front and rear vehicles (stacking machine and sewing machine) of the automatic sewing machine should be properly matched to avoid tearing or crashing;
(6) If faults or quality problems are found during the process of locking the line, it is necessary to stop the treatment in time, and it is strictly forbidden to start the operation to avoid accidents;
(7) Single shift (8-12 hours) once every two weeks, 2 or 3 shifts (16-24 hours), once a week, the time of rubbing is generally 4 hours;
(8) Do a good job of handover to ensure normal production in the next shift.
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