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Precautions for use of the glue machine

Precautions for use of the glue machine
1. Inspection of the quality of the glue After the glue has passed, the certificate should be transparent, flat, and the rubber sleeve and the core should be firmly sealed. There is no “satisfaction” in the interlayer, no “blurred white impression”, no oil, impurities and other undesirable phenomena. There are several kinds of abnormal phenomena commonly found in the glue machine and the reasons for the judgment. If the parts are not sealed, the glue temperature should be considered low. If the deformation of the documents is wrinkled after the glue is applied, the temperature of the glue should be considered too high or the pressure is too high. If there is a bubble or a fuzzy white print in the interlayer, it should be considered that the temperature of the glue is not suitable. If the adhesive overflows during the glue process, it should be considered that the glue temperature is too high or the pressure is too high.
In addition, in addition to the correct operation and use of the glue machine, attention should also be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the glue machine.
2, the impact of the environment on the glue: the preheating stability time of the glue machine is affected by the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is high, the glue temperature can be balanced quickly. When the ambient temperature is low, the heat dissipation is fast, and the glue temperature takes a long time. In order to achieve balance and stability. The glue machine should not be glued after the temperature is turned on, because the rubber roller is not balanced and stable, but the local temperature near the temperature measurement point reaches the glue temperature. Generally, the preheating stabilization time should not be shorter than 20 minutes. The working environment design index of the glue machine is 5~40°C, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, and there is no corrosive gas. Therefore, under normal season and climatic conditions, the glue machine can work normally without affecting the glue effect.
3, the hardness of the rubber roller of the rubber machine on the impact of the glue, the hardness of the rubber roller is 50 degrees Shore. If the rubber roller is hardened or cracked due to aging or other reasons, it will affect the quality of the rubber, which will make the over-molded documents not glue tightly, and the rubber roller needs to be replaced in time.
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