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The reason why the lock machine sent the signature is not in place

The reason why the lock machine sent the signature is not in place
1. The time for uploading the signature wheel is not accurate. Adjust the pressing time according to the "Instructions for Use".
2. The gap between the upper and lower sides of the lock machine is too large, resulting in a small friction between the signature wheel and the lower post wheel. Because the material or thickness of the signature is different, the friction required is not same. The wear of the signature wheel will also reduce the friction. Loosen the lock nut counterclockwise, adjust the bolt clockwise, and the wire locker will increase the friction of the signature wheel enough to accurately convey the signature to the table. Then lock the nut.
3. When the platform is in line with the tripod of the signature, the leading edge of the transmitted signature (the rule side) should exceed the vertical centerline of the signature wheel by 50mm.
4. The position of the pushed link is incorrect. If the lock machine pushes the post too late, the position of the lost link should be adjusted according to the "Instruction Manual".
5, send the book wheel rotation speed is low. Adjust the speed of the accelerator wheel clockwise on the operator panel until each post is in place.
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